A coming of age story for the "late blooming” adult looking for something more in life without losing the spirit of their younger self.

AAbout Us

Wander.Never.Lost is A Coming of Age Story for all of us
who still want to embrace a little of our youth as we grow older.

Some things you can expect to read:

- Stop using cheap alcohol and start mixing drinks like the good stuff
- Start bringing homemade dishes to gatherings rather than store bought
- Listen to your intuition and do things you never thought you could
- Budget like a pro so you can buy your first home or start your own business
- Go on an adventure, travel the world, learn a new culture
- Take care of yourself and stop avoiding or waiting on your parents to make the appointment
- Remember those childhood games you used to play, make those enjoyable again!

Who says adulting can’t be fun, spontaneous and freeing?
Come join me as we take on this next chapter together - our 30s.

CContact Info

: Los Angeles (currently)